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New England Survey Systems
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Brookline MA 02446
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New England Survey Systems is a Boston based company, expertly skilled in the design, development, and support of all survey instruments and automated systems supporting researchers involved in clinical and epidemiologic data collection, tracking, management and analysis.

NESS can streamline the operational aspects of your research study and relieve you of the burden of dealing with the nitty-gritty of data collection, implementation and management, thus allowing you more time to focus on the scientific aspects of your research.

  • NESS partners with you as part of your research team
Understanding your research goals and process, NESS becomes an integral part of your research team. We contribute experience, expertise and flexibility to your survey design, planning, data collection and data analysis process. We provide high quality data. We are flexible, cost effective and responsive to your needs. At reasonable cost, NESS gives peace of mind and provides results.

  • NESS manages & implements your survey projects
Working closely with clients, NESS manages and conducts data collection projects in a professional manner, advising and communicating throughout each step of the process. Throughout data collection, our clients have secure access to realtime visibility of the data collected.

  • NESS provides high quality data
Our data collection systems, respondent tracking systems and reporting systems are best in class. Our data verification and validation processes are extensive. Using leading edge technology, our data collection processes are thoughtfully planned and expertly executed.

  • NESS staff has expert software developers and database designers
  • NESS maintains high security processes and systems>
Our computer systems are highly secure. The highest level of confidentiality is maintained at NESS.

  • NESS treats your project as their project
  • NESS can also install best in class systems and train your internal resources

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